How to Win at Anything (60 Page Journal)

Image of How to Win at Anything (60 Page Journal)


You won' learn anything from this so-called Self-Help Compendium. This is clearly just some smart-arse's idea of a joke.

Although it's cover boasts that it will teach you all manner of spectacular things, it is only 60 pages long - the same size as a collection of Shakespeare's sonnets.

It's said that the author, Professor William Trumore, Ph.D. Esq. M.D. Ph.D., disappeared shortly after receiving his first royalty check from the book. Readers were perplexed when, after a lengthy acknowledgments page, they were met with a book that had only one chapter, one page, one word: "Cheat."

Of course, upon reading Trumore's much-touted advice, you may be looking for other uses for this legendary book. You might fill in the extra, blank pages with dirty limericks, or drawings of drunken leprechauns, or - as so many proud owners have - with curses on the name of William Trumore.

(Hand-bound artist journal, 60 pages.)